Carts arrive from customer with soiled linen in bags with the drop shelves creating back screen to hold 53 cu.ft of linen in (60” cart) or 43 cu.ft (48” in cart).

  To unload the carts, simply open the back doors and safely unload the soiled linen.
Emptied carts with doors closed and shelves raised are ready for another job.   After cleaning, cart may be loaded with linen for either bulk or quota deliveries. Cart capacity is 1000 lbs.

Note: Carts come with either 48 or 60 inch. shelf lengths. O.D. dimensions are 23 3/4 x 51 inches (48 inch cart) and 23 3/4 x 63 inches (60 inch cart). Casters come in 6 or 8 inch sizes. quality helps you reduce unit downtime, turnovers and unproductive handling. The uncompromising design of our units reduces the risks involved in the handling and transportation of soiled linen and makes distribution and storage of clean linen a breeze.
When ready, cart can be loaded in truck for over the road delivery to your customers.  

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